Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bye Bye Canadians

That was my last blog post guys! I'll see you later!! Thanks for reading my blog, bye!!! <3 <3
Hello blog viewers! This weeks Director of the Week is my numba 1, Quentin Tarantino!!!! All right, mow, the film we will be discussing will be Four Rooms. I freaking love this movie hahaha. Okay, this film is super funny and it goes by pretty quickly. Its about this one bell hop, Ted, who is left alone with no employee assistance in the hotel he works in on  New Year's Eve in Hollywood. Ted has to spend the night tending mainly to four rooms, (who would've known), and each room has a different problem and situation. The film does each room in different portions of the film, so, the first room, then the second one, etc etc. The first room deals with a cult of witches who are trying to summon their leader back to life. The second room has a man who accuses Ted for sleeping with his female partner, and Ted gets held hostage for a bit. The third room deals with two little troublemaker children. The last and final room has a Hollywood star and Ted as to endure some strange things. If I haven't already said too much, WATCH THIS FILM! Quentin Tarantino so so funny and such a genius!!!! You won't be disappointed. 

Peace! -Annabella :)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hey there guys! This is last weeks post. We're circling back around this week so, this week's Director of the Week will be Wes Anderson. The Film of the Week is going to be The Royal Tenenbaums. Gosh golly, how I love this film!! All right, lets start off with the cast of this film. The Royal Tenenbaums casts all Luke and Owen Wilson, (they appear often on Wes Anderson's films), Bill Murray(of course), Gwyneth Paltrow, and Gene Hackman, and Angelica Houston. Now, the storyline. Royal Tenenbaum explains to his three children, Chas, Margot, and Richie, that he and his wife are separating. Chas, Margot and Richie are all extremely successful in different ways. Chas is a business and financial genius. Margot is a critically acclaimed play writer in the ninth grade who one an award. Richie is a tennis prodigy and artist. Then, in a post-success slump 22 years later, present tense, Royal claims he has stomach cancer once he hears word of his wife's engagement to someone else. Richie confesses his love for Margot, who is adopted, and he has expressed his feelings before through his artwork. It gets a lot better and theres more I can say but I don't really want to. This film has a weird sense of humor and its also quite ironic. Everything about this film is lovely. I would just really really recommend; then again thats why I'm writing about it in my blog hahahaah. Check it out!

Peace, Annabella

Hello Canadians

I love you, friends!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

All right guys, this is the moment you've all been waiting for. The director of the week is finally....Stanley Kubrick! Stan the Man. :-) All right, now for the film of the week. It is A Clockwork Orange. Man oh man do I have a lot to say. Sooooo, to those of you who don't know, Stanley Kubrick is a film genius. Just had to let you know first. Okay, so A Clockwork Orange (the film by Kubrick) was adapted from A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess (the book). The film is spectacularly filmed and I really really love it. It's pretty messed up and quite disturbing but film wise, Stanley Kubrick did a phenomenal job, honestly. The film is about the main character, Alex, who is a pretty messed up guy haha and him and his hooligan friends beat up old people and rape and just do awful awful things. Alex finally takes it too far and bludgeons a woman, the Cat Lady, to death and he gets put in prison. His partners in crime, haha, ran away at the arrest and were therefore not caught and are innocent. Two even became cops, haha, how ironic. Alex, in jail, is pretty miserable and finds out that there is an easy way out of jail early. Little does he know the future pain he'll have to endure later on. I guess that's enough of a summary. You really should check this film out! As well as other Stanley Kubrick films. He is soooooo good. SO good. You will not be sorry.

Peace! -Annabella :)
Hey there fellow bloggers! All right, let's cut to the chase. This weeks director of the week is Quentin Tarantino. The God himself! Okay, the movie of the week is going to be Kill Bill volume I. This movie is honestly my all time fave, and when people ask me what my favorite movie is, Kill Bill is my go-to answer. All righty, this movie stars Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Vivica Fox, David Carradine, Daryl Hannah, and Michael Madsen. It also stars Chiaki Kuriyama who was in the film Battle Royale, so I think it goes without saying that she's pretty kick-ass in here. However, no one, and I mean NO ONE, could ever be as badass as Uma Thurman in here, sincerely. Kill Bill is mainly about The Bride (Uma Thurman) seeking revenge to those who caused her to be in a coma for four years, (and also sabotaged her wedding and murdered her fiancé/ groom). That's actually not too much of a spoiler cause a lot of other stuff goes down! Anyways, the way Quentin creates and directs this film is truly inspirational, it is SO WELL DONE. Kill Bill is definitely one o the BEST films I've ever seen. Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu are so freaking awesome in here, they kinda act as two heroines I guess and definitely encourage young girls to grow up feeling cool as heck. Really though, if you haven't already seen this film, first: evaluate your life, and second: go on Netflix and watch it ASAP!! Gaaaaaaahhhhhhh I looooove Quentin I can't wait to do another one of his films when his turn comes around haha.

Till next week! -Annabella :)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hey there! The Director of the Week is...*drum roll please*... Wes Anderson!!! Congrats Wes! The Film of the Week is Moonrise Kingdom. Moonrise Kingdom is one of my personal favorites. It is a drama/ comedy/ romance film. Like most of Wes Anderson's films, there isn't much dialogue and the characters speak pretty directly to each other, and the movie frames are aesthetically pleasing, The film takes place in the 60's and it primarily focuses on two characters, Sam and Suzy. Sam and Suzy are pen pals and are also in love. They are both from tough backgrounds; Suzy is misunderstood by her parents and Sam is an orphan. I don't want to spoil anything for you guys that haven't seen it, so lets graduate to the reviewing part of this post. This film is beautifully constructed and I 10/10 recommend. I give this film 5 stars. I really like how Wes makes the characters only speak directly, for it adds emphasis and importance to what they say. I know there are a lot of romance films or, more specifically, films about young love, but Moonrise Kingdom is extraordinary in the sense that it is not like any other film I've seen before. Hahaha, other than Wes's other films because of their similar directing styles (obviously since it's the same Moonrise Kingdom's screenplay was written by Roman Coppola, son of the legend Francis Ford Coppola. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, this film is awesome and you should really see it. If you're a Bill Murray fan, watch this film. If you're a Tilda Swinton fan, watch this film. If you're a Frances McDormand(!!!!!!) fan, watch this film! Even Bruce Willis is in there!!!! It's a MUST WATCH! I can honestly promise you you will not be disappointed. I hope I made my point. Even if I didn't, WATCH THIS MOVIE ANYWAYS. I'm done. Buh bye.

-Annabella :)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hello there, this is my blog. My blog is going to be focused on films made/directed by three of the greats: Stanley Kubrick, Quentin Tarantino, and Wes Anderson. Every week I will select a "Director of the Week" and then choose a film, which I guess would also be the "Film of the Week," by them and review it/talk about it/discuss it/whatever you wanna call it, for you guys. I will be sure to elaborate. I have yet to decide who next weeks "Director of the Week" will be, so you will just have to check in to see! Tune in next week on Thursday, April 9th, to find out! You will not be disappointed. Let me know what you think! Whether you agree with what I have to say or even if you don't, let me know! Please input your opinions!! 'Till next week, Peace!