Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hello blog viewers! This weeks Director of the Week is my numba 1, Quentin Tarantino!!!! All right, mow, the film we will be discussing will be Four Rooms. I freaking love this movie hahaha. Okay, this film is super funny and it goes by pretty quickly. Its about this one bell hop, Ted, who is left alone with no employee assistance in the hotel he works in on  New Year's Eve in Hollywood. Ted has to spend the night tending mainly to four rooms, (who would've known), and each room has a different problem and situation. The film does each room in different portions of the film, so, the first room, then the second one, etc etc. The first room deals with a cult of witches who are trying to summon their leader back to life. The second room has a man who accuses Ted for sleeping with his female partner, and Ted gets held hostage for a bit. The third room deals with two little troublemaker children. The last and final room has a Hollywood star and Ted as to endure some strange things. If I haven't already said too much, WATCH THIS FILM! Quentin Tarantino so so funny and such a genius!!!! You won't be disappointed. 

Peace! -Annabella :)


  1. What a great idea for a movie! I am not nearly as learned in the world of film-making, thus I am unfamiliar with the directors you have highlighted on your blog. So, I thank you for teaching me a little bit about them! This movie in particular sounds humorous, and I'd love to watch it. Additionally, I admire your passion for directing and film. It's not common for teenagers to have favorite directors; most have favorite actors due to appearance, trends, and their acting, but directors are behind the scenes. I enjoyed the unique topic and information. Good job. :)

  2. I'm definitely watching this film just because you recommended it. Every movie you recommend me to watch I truly enjoy and see the other side of film making not just the basic boy and girl falling in love. Thanks Annabella!